2004 ABKA Show

One Million Dollars Worth of Antique Bowies

By Buddy Thomason

Just returned from the Missouri Valley Arms Collectors show in Kansas City. Unreal! They hosted the Antique Bowie Knife Association's displays and membership meeting. You would not believe the fantastic antique Bowie style knives on display. I held a beautiful newly discovered Samuel Bell Bowie with gold fittings worth in excess of $100,000, as well as other important authentic Bowies with prices of 75K, 55K and 35K, etc. I confess I did not understand what all the fuss was about from reading and seeing pictures of these famous historic knives, and many of their lesser bretheren - UNTIL I HELD THEM IN MY HANDS. Historical? - Yes. Inspirational? - Yes again.

Hope you enjoy these pictures - good as I could get through glass cases. The first three constitute a single display which I divided into three images.













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