2004 ABKA Page 7

And finally, here is a picture of Norm Flayderman (L) and David Kleiner (R) deep into it at the show. David Kleiner is (by all reports) an honest and reputable dealer of antique weaponry and related artifacts - great guy, full of knowledge, patient and non-pushy with newbies like me. He's from Bloomingburg, NY.

Norm Flayderman is likely one of the top collectors of antique arms, including Bowie knives, of all time. He's just finished a new Bowie book published by Man At Arms magazine (an NRA affiliate) that goes well beyond The Antique Bowie Knife Book. The book should be widely available this fall, uses a full color large-format approach yielding the best-ever images of many incredible Bowie knives and (this sets it apart from The Antique Bowie Knife Book) detailed related text by Mr. Flayderman. It will sell for just under $80.

Post Script:
"Heard at the show" - Guns are out, knives are in. Why? The regulatory climate, not just in the US, but especially in Europe, Canada and basically all over - has made it very difficult for dealers to bring their guns to shows and/or for buyers to transport them home. It's just too much trouble any more. Predictably gun sales are down, down, down. With knives, apparently it's different - things aren't nearly as bad as with guns. Many buyers are turning to knives (antique AND custom) so, predictably, prices are going up! "A rising tide floats all ships." If you're a maker and can figure out how to get in on this trend, you should experience increased demand over the next several years.


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