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FREE! Pay only shipping &  handling to receive this great catalog showing knives fashioned by Master Bladesmith James Batson.  This 20 page catalog shows B&W pictures of 29 knives and includes descriptions of each.  Read about the knives, read about the bladesmith, learn how to order your own custom made Bowie.



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One hundred and sixty-five years ago, James Bowie fought desperately for his life against overwhelming odds. This epic fight catapulted James Bowie into history as a knife fighter and a romantic hero of the times. His legacy, the Bowie Knife, lives today.

Much has been written about the Sandbar Duel and Fight. Unfortunately most of the writings are flawed or lost with time.  This monograph brings before your eyes, previously hidden eye witness accounts of this event and James Bowie’s description of the Sandbar Fight as heard through the ears of his friends and "Comrades in Arms.” Sir Jonah Barrington’s Sketches of His Times and The Irish Code of Honor provide an insight into the mechanics of dueling.

Sit back in the comfort of your home, project yourself into that hot day of Wednesday the 19th of September in the year 1827. Feel the heat of the noon day sun Hear the Mississippi River lapping against this barren stretch of sand.  Taste fear in the air.  See the two duelists, eight paces apart with left side to left side, raise their matched flintlock pistols.  The order "fire" breaks the silence that is shattered by the detonation of two powder charges.

Put yourself in the shoes of James Bowie.  In the cool shade of the woods, you watched the duel between Sam Wells, your friend, and Dr Maddox on the sandbar.  Neither drew blood........ Now you are down on the sand upon your back.   Above you, Norris Wright thrusts the slender sword cane through your left hand into your body.  You cannot reach him with your knife...........